Minnesota Deer Hunting Opener 1907


Good luck this weekend, nimrods!



about 9 years ago

The pejorative sense of the word is a recent phenomenon, dating back to the 1920s or 30s.  Nimrod was the name of a mighty hunter in the Bible and came to mean any hunter.  When Bugs Bunny sarcastically referred to Elmer Fudd as a "nimrod" in the 1930s and 40s he was using the traditional sense of the word and the emerging sense of the word.  

Ain't language fun?


about 9 years ago

I have a friend in rural Wrenshall who uses purple and orange spray paint to keep the skilled nimrods from shooting his cows.

Hot Shot

about 9 years ago

I will be in bed, nice and toasty. Have fun in the woods.


about 9 years ago

Nimrod: "One who is stealthy in the woods."


about 9 years ago


Should we take this to mean you won't be freezing in the woods this weekend?


about 9 years ago

Nimrod, small blip on the map north of Staples/ Wadena, the only restaurant in town used to have Finnish music on the juke box. The town bar had bullet holes in the wall where Hank unloaded his 6 shooter after having his wife threatened by a local yokel. Fond memories of the characters I got to know when I lived there.

That's my take on Nimrod, and yes, I always thought it was named after the hunter of biblical renown.


about 9 years ago

Please don't shoot me, ya nimrods!!


about 9 years ago

@hbh1, Not to worry a nimrod by definition would not shoot you. You got to look out for the non-nimrods -- they are the ones who shoot cows painted purple cause they thought it was a deer.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Apparently there was/is some kind of glitch in the computerized licensing system. There's was a line of people trying to get hunting licenses at the Holiday Stationstore in West Duluth this afternoon, and the wait was looooong.

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