Kitchi Gammi Park and Brighton Beach Posts

Duluth You & Me: Brighton Beach Picnic

Use the link below for a printable PDF for your drawing and coloring pleasure.
Duluth You & Me: Brighton Beach Picnic

Follow the Duluth You & Me subject tag to see additional pages. For background on the book see the original post on the topic.

Brighton Beach 360 with 2D Video

Selective Focus: Canal Park, Brighton Beach and Park Point flooded

Standing water in the Canal Park business district. Debris and open manholes beneath the water. Waves pushing debris and rocks onto the Lakewalk.

Aerial footage from Brighton Beach

Drone footage from April 21 at Kitchi Gammi Park in Duluth. Shot by Rajiv Vaidyanathan and Jay Vaidyanathan.

Grey Timberwolf near Brighton Beach

Grey Timberwolf in Duluth - photo by Ken Greshowak

Ken Greshowak sent PDD this photo shot near Brighton Beach on Sept. 27.

Ice Skating Brighton Beach

Lake Superior: Ice in Motion

Video by Dawn M. LaPointe, shot at Brighton Beach in Duluth.

Lake Superior ice sheets breaking at Brighton Beach

Water-smoothed Rocks at Brighton Beach


Mary Amerman of Duluth won the grand prize in Lake Superior Magazine’s 18th annual Lake Superior Photo Contest. Her photo of the water-smoothed rocks on Duluth’s Brighton Beach was one of 1,284 images entered in the contest from 138 different cities, in 18 states, one U.S. Territory (Guam) and Canada.

Duluthian Kenji Ogura won first place in the Artsy/Altered category with a photograph of the weekly regatta. All the winners and finalists are featured in a gallery on

This PDD brought to you by the brothers Ring


My boys are fascinated with this discovery they made last night at Brighton Beach.  Our bedtime talk was filled with the possibilities of the other worlds that just might lie at the other end of a tunnel. 

way too exciting

Do you have a favorite culvert in Duluth?  I think we have more exploring to do.

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