Lake Superior Plate Ice Stacking Posts

Return of the Lake Superior Plate Ice


Video by Ron Benson.

Lake Superior Ice Stacking 2018

It’s almost an annual tradition. When the conditions are just right, small waves push sheets of Lake Superior surface ice to the shore, causing them to break into plates that stack and crackle in a way that’s both visually and aurally fascinating. Dawn LaPointe and Gary Fiedler of Radiant Spirit Gallery recently captured the phenomena in this video.

Things that will Remain the Same, Vol. 1

More video of glorious Lake Superior plate ice stacking itself on the shore and lurching like an upset stomach. This time Troy Rogers is the person behind the camera. Brace yourself for 48 minutes of nature at its finest.

Lake Superior Plate Ice Stacking Video, 2017 Edition

Dawn LaPointe of Radiant Spirit Gallery shot this video in Duluth on March 4.

“This winter has produced minimal ice cover on Lake Superior, so ice stacking events have been few and far between,” she writes in the YouTube description. “We were grateful to have witnessed this anticipated phenomenon come to life from our front row seats at Brighton Beach. … I never tire of these ice stacking events, and each one I have witnessed has had its own unique characteristics.”

Underwater Footage of Ice Stacking

More Lake Superior Plate Ice Tectonics

This one was shot by Jacob Selander on Feb. 13 along the North Shore.

More Icy Fun

Since the previous ice-stacking video posted on PDD is nearing one-million views, here are two more. These were shot by Ryan Tischer.

Lake Superior Ice Stacking

Video by Dawn LaPointe of Radiant Spirit Gallery.

Lake Superior: Ice in Motion

Video by Dawn M. LaPointe, shot at Brighton Beach in Duluth.

Lake Superior ice sheets breaking at Brighton Beach

Lake Superior doing its thing

Loyal Carlon captures “ice patties” on Lake Superior.

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