Dan Dresser Posts

Dan Dresser recording session at Sacred Heart

A behind the scenes look at the recording session from last week at Sacred Heart.

Sea Fog

A collaboration between Tina Marie Higgins and Dan Dresser. Filmed on the Isakson farm near Duluth. Scored by the Murder of Crows.

The Getarounds are not breaking up

The Getarounds (Dan Dresser and Gaelynn Lea) are going on a haitus, but not before making this video:

The Getarounds — “I Fell Away”

New Getarounds video from a live show with the Roe Family Singers at Beaner’s Central.

Cooking on the Car: Jiffy Pop for Beer Cheese Soup

The Beer Cheese soup is simmering in the glove box slow cooker and the bean dip is warming on the manifold. It’s time to pop some popcorn to finish this meal.