Cooking on the Car Posts

Northern Pike on the manifold

This is the second episode of Cooking on the Cars’ west coast road trip.

Cooking on the Car: “Fish House Tacos”

Okay we’re finally going to get back to this “Cooking on the Car” thing. Here’s the first segment of our West Coast trip that we took a few years back. We have a ton of footage from that trip so there will be many more episodes to document this awesome road trip. Thanks for your patience. Peace.

Beer Cheese Soup finale

Cooking on the Car serves up Beer Cheese Soup in Washburn, Wis.

Jiffy Pop for beer cheese soup while cooking on the car

The Beer Cheese soup is simmering in the glove box slow cooker and the bean dip is warming on the manifold. It’s time to pop some popcorn to finish this meal.

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