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Share a joke for a chance to win Duluth Comedy Fest tickets

Duluth’s biggest weekend of comedy since the freighter Socrates ran aground at Park Point is coming up Feb. 15 and 16. Tig Notaro, Brian Posehn, Gary Gulman and Alex Edelman are all performing at the NorShor Theatre as part of Duluth Comedy Fest.

Perfect Duluth Day is giving away a pair of two-day passes — $158 value — to a randomly selected person who comments on this post. Make it interesting and share a joke.

Mary Bue in a Nashville recording studio contest

Hello Duluth! Mary Bue here. I’m a local-loving singer-songwriter who got her start in this sweet old city that we choose to live. I’ve taken these songs around the country but keep coming back … and now, I’m asking for your votes!  

I’ve submitted to a contest at a recording studio in Nashville called Welcome to 1979. The contest is called “Live to Lathe” — essentially five bands will have the opportunity to record a live album straight to vinyl. Welcome to 1979 Studio will print 500 copies for us to do with what we will — capturing a 26-to-32-minute moment in time. No edits, no auto-tune, if you fuck up it’s on the record. So, super daunting and super exciting!  

If you are on Facebook, please vote for me! You can vote every single day and I will sing like a bird with gratitude! Of course, vote for whomever you want, but either way, it’s a super cool contest and you’ll learn about some sweet bands from around the country. Thank you for your time!

Free Rent for a Year in Duluth: Go Downtown, Grow Downtown

Go Downtown. Grow Downtown

The Greater Downtown Duluth Council and a bunch of other organizations are offering free rent for a year plus free advertising, business planning and technical support for two businesses in Downtown Duluth. Click the picture for contest details.

One of my obsessive Duluth-oriented twitter feeds led me to this on the Star Tribune website. I couldn’t find mention of it in the online Duluth News Tribune, but they are a sponsor so I’m sure it will get in there sometime, (unless maybe they’re hoping to bring in outside ideas first).

Free rent for a year? And who said this town wasn’t business friendly. I’m all for revitalization in Downtown Duluth. I hope it works.

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