Folk Posts

Duluth Band Profile: Kaylee Matuszak

Kaylee Matuszak’s aspirations for music began on the playground. With the release of her debut Stirring Skies, she isn’t stopping anytime soon. Click on the image above to hear the podcast.

Duluth Band Profile: Mama’s Stolen Horses

Kristoffer and Abby Jo Robin of Mama’s Stolen Horses steal the stage with their bend of folk and Americana. But, it’s how Abby Jo stole Kristoffer’s heart that keeps this duo alive. Click on the image above to hear the podcast.

Duluth Band Profile: Jacob Mahon

Jacob Mahon developed his songwriting skills playing bars and backyards across central Minnesota. Since his arrival to Duluth, he’s learned how a single compliment goes a long way. Click on the image above to hear the podcast.

Mary Bue in a Nashville recording studio contest

Hello Duluth! Mary Bue here. I’m a local-loving singer-songwriter who got her start in this sweet old city that we choose to live. I’ve taken these songs around the country but keep coming back … and now, I’m asking for your votes!  

I’ve submitted to a contest at a recording studio in Nashville called Welcome to 1979. The contest is called “Live to Lathe” — essentially five bands will have the opportunity to record a live album straight to vinyl. Welcome to 1979 Studio will print 500 copies for us to do with what we will — capturing a 26-to-32-minute moment in time. No edits, no auto-tune, if you fuck up it’s on the record. So, super daunting and super exciting!  

If you are on Facebook, please vote for me! You can vote every single day and I will sing like a bird with gratitude! Of course, vote for whomever you want, but either way, it’s a super cool contest and you’ll learn about some sweet bands from around the country. Thank you for your time!

May 1 – Dulcimer Day in Duluth

Master dulcimer performer/instructors will be in Duluth Saturday, May 1. Concerts at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Instrument vendors and local crafters 10 to 4 p.m. 20 classes held starting at 9 a.m. with assorted traditional folk instruments: dulcimers, autoharp, banjo, and bowed psaltry. Workshops to dye a scarf and make a whistle. Lunch will be for sale by Community Action Duluth to raise funds for their Circles of Support group. Class schedule at This is the 9th year for this fair.

“Farewell Milwaukee” says “Hello Duluth”


While most bands are fleeing their homes for the coastal cities of New York and Los Angeles, Farewell Milwaukee is embracing the role that their Midwestern towns have played in shaping them artistically. Audiences are drawn to their Americana style, authentic lyrics, as well as the chemistry that’s displayed when 5 shaggy boys from the Midwest drop their jaws wide and harmonize as one!

Their debut album “Autumn Rest Easy” bleeds with Americana soul, folk rock, perfect pop harmonies, and a pedal steel that would make all 3 Hank Williams’ proud.  It is a Midwest-fall road tripper’s dream, combining sparkling clean guitar tones and vocal harmonies on tracks perfect for passing hours eastbound on I-94.

Farewell MIlwaukee will be playing at Beaners Central in Duluth on Saturday, Nov. 14 with “Red Fox Grey Fox” and “The People Say Fox