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The People Say Fox – The Roseman 7″

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The People Say Fox have just released a 7″ single of our song, “The Roseman,” off of our recent release Glowcap. You may have caught the fantastic video by Al Skomars in the Homegrown video festival. Anyway, you can snag a copy at or at one of our upcoming shows; May 18 @ Beaner’s for Day 3 of Western Thaw, or June 8th @ Beaner’s for Pete Cich’s Birthday bash!

First release is /250 on black 7″ including screen printed covers. The record also comes with a full download of the entire 10-track album, Glowcap.

Wondering where all the young Duluth indie bands are? Come see

Goodstock Poster

Goodstock is a showcase of young (mostly high school) Duluth bands and a benefit for Haiti. It’s in two weeks (March 19) at UUCD, the green-colored Unitarian Church near St. Scholastica, 835 W College Street Duluth, MN 55811.

Whether you come to see Duluth’s future in music, or to help out Haiti, you’ll be doing someone a world of good!

Bands include:
The People Say Fox
Excuse Me Princess
Lions & Creators
Absolutely, I Do
The Cullens

Hope to see you there!

Looking for cheap entertainment?

Tiny Moving Parts
The People Say Fox
Leif Hinkel

5 p.m. | $4 | all ages
The Encounter | 201 E. First St.

Come have some fun and enjoy the positive vibes and jones soda, etc., etc.

“Farewell Milwaukee” says “Hello Duluth”


While most bands are fleeing their homes for the coastal cities of New York and Los Angeles, Farewell Milwaukee is embracing the role that their Midwestern towns have played in shaping them artistically. Audiences are drawn to their Americana style, authentic lyrics, as well as the chemistry that’s displayed when 5 shaggy boys from the Midwest drop their jaws wide and harmonize as one!

Their debut album “Autumn Rest Easy” bleeds with Americana soul, folk rock, perfect pop harmonies, and a pedal steel that would make all 3 Hank Williams’ proud.  It is a Midwest-fall road tripper’s dream, combining sparkling clean guitar tones and vocal harmonies on tracks perfect for passing hours eastbound on I-94.

Farewell MIlwaukee will be playing at Beaners Central in Duluth on Saturday, Nov. 14 with “Red Fox Grey Fox” and “The People Say Fox