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Geek Prom 2013: Talk Nerdy to Me

Geek Prom 2013

[Some images in the slideshow are by Shannon Kinley; others were gathered from Geek Prom’s Facebook group page.]

This past Saturday, April 6, adults were given the chance to blast into their pasts and attend prom. This was no regular prom though. Instead of people being dressed up in expensive gowns and tuxes they got to wear costumes such as Han Solo, Princess Leia or Dr. Zoidberg.

Duluth writing scene

I am interested in looking into and meeting some writers who are either from the Duluth area originally or still live here. Got any ideas?

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you if you helped me find these amazing people! Take a read =)

Behind the scenes at Sheila’s belly dance class

Students warm up their hips and arms, and stretch out their bodies to get ready for belly dancing.

This past Tuesday night women gathered in the Lotus Center to practice one of their passions, belly dancing. The Lotus Center is on the second floor of Global Village on West Superior Street.

The event began with instructor Sheila Matthews leading the women in a warm up to get their hips moving and muscles stretched. Mathews then practiced the basic moves with them, both with and without music. She then had the girls run through a couple of routines that she had choreographed to music. The event ended with a cool down in which every one could practice whatever they wanted to a Shakira song.

Behind the scenes at Salsa Night

Instructor Katie Kero demonstrates to the group the basic step of salsa.

When many people think of Valentine’s Day they think of a box of chocolates, flowers, dinner and maybe a movie. However, some people choose to do other things around the community such as learn to salsa.

Avalon Educational Institute located on W. Superior Street hosted Valentine’s Day salsa night.

“It might make one person’s Valentine’s Day and that is worth it,” said Executive Director and founder of the institute, Justin Markus.

Behind the Scenes at Northland Competition

PDD Calendar intern Shannon Kinley takes us behind the scenes of Duluth events in this new series.

Over 800 figure skaters from across the United States and Canada met in Duluth this past weekend for the Northland Competition, one of the largest events of its kind in the Midwest. The 34th-annual gathering was organized by the Duluth Figure Skating Club.

“This year is by far the biggest we have had so far in terms of skaters,” said Kathy Jensen, co-chair of the competition. “We are very pleased with the turnout.”

Racism in East Hillside

I am working on an investigative piece right now on racism in the East Hillside and  I want to hear peoples opinions on it. Do you think racism is an issue in Duluth’s East Hillside? Have you seen it firsthand or experienced it yourself? I recently talked to someone who had seen an act of racism on the DTA. Has anyone else witnessed racism on the DTA?

Chester Creek House/ Whole Foods Co-op

I am a journalism student at UMD and I am currently working on a history story regarding the first days of the Whole Foods Co-op. If any of you remember the first days yourself, were somehow involved, or know someone who was involved please let me know. I would love to talk to you to learn more!

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