Literary History: Duluth Manuscript Club

As I’m exhuming? excavating? exploring? the literary history of Duluth (largely by scooping up books from thrift stores and picking up connections with people wherever I can find them) I find the weirdest things, like books published by the Duluth Manuscript Club.

We remember — : memories of the Duluth Manuscript Club.

Publisher, Date: Duluth : Duluth Manuscript Club, c2006.
Description: 164 p. : ill.

Take a look by the Duluth Manuscript Club.

Publisher, Date: Duluth : Duluth Manuscript Club, c1983.
Description: 100 p. : ill.

Take another look : a sequel to Take a look : memories of twentieth century Duluth by the Duluth Manuscript Club.

[edited by Gerda E. Woelffer]
Publisher, Date: Duluth : Duluth Manuscript Club, c1994.
Description: 73 p. : ill.

I asked Gina, the local history librarian at the Duluth Public Library, about this organization, and she said there were files …  and files … about local clubs like this. Here is the partial list:

The Duluth Manuscript Club was for literary and writing pursuits. (See its constitution below.)

As recently as 15 years ago, there were still members of the club ready to attend sessions at Kathryn Martin Library at UMD to share memories of the club. Are there any readers here who live a connection to the Manuscript Club who have stories to share?



about 8 months ago

I've actually read Take a Look and Take Another Look. Are you and I the only ones to have done so, I wonder? They're in the library.

Matthew James

about 8 months ago

Those actually sound like they could be interesting reads. Could be very boring reads too. Being possibly the only present days readers also makes you the only available reviewers... did you enjoy them?


about 8 months ago

To be honest, I didn't think much of them, but I was determined to read all the local histories I could get my hands on.

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