July 2023 Posts

The Acceleratii – “Seven Nights to Rock”

Some time after Steve “Gomez” Mahlberg and Ben Marsen played in the Hadjis and the Black Labels, they created some great rock and roll with the Acceleratii. This is from their 2011 self-titled CD.

Love and Kisses from Duluth in 1903

This Detroit Publishing Company postcard of Duluth is copyright 1902 and was mailed July 16, 1903 — 120 years ago today. The writing at the left indicates the temperature that day was 71 degrees.

Duluth’s Sadkin release new single – ‘Saints of Catalina’

Beyondbliss – “Bipolar Kangaroo”

In this new lyric video, Beyondbliss raps about the extreme highs and lows of life. The song “Bipolar Kangaroo” is from the recently released album Born Deaf.

At the Rex? – Aug. 17, 2014?

Can anyone refresh my memory if this was a Hadjis or a Black Labels reunion show?

Big Manitou Falls at Pattison Park

The tallest waterfall in Wisconsin — and fourth-highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains — is just outside the city of Superior. Big Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park sends water plunging 165 feet into the Black River.

Video by Douglas Feltman.

Duluth Boat Club racers trained on Shredded Wheat Biscuit

The Duluth Boat Club Eight Oared Crew won the Senior Eight Oared Race in the Northwestern International Regatta at St. Paul in July 1913 — 110 years ago — according to this Shredded Wheat Company advertisement.

Watson Silver and Lift Bridge Spoons

Ad for Watson Silver

As I read some of the magazines I purchased from the Duluth Public Library, I am impressed by a sense that the library bought magazines to suit the aspirations of the Zenith city. Magazines celebrating the fancy life might feel a little out of place in a public library today, but Duluth in the 1920s was a city that had some millionaires and wanted the world to think it had more.

We can see that in the ad above, taken from an interior design magazine, for Watson Silverware.

Duluth Mail Bag: What does a city councilor do?

Hobbs Mail BagAs a two-time Duluth city councilor, now in my final year of service, one of my goals is to make city government more accessible, or at least help citizens become more informed. I figure there are many Duluthians who would like some simple answers to some simple questions. I learned in school that if there is something you don’t understand it’s likely there are many others who feel the same way. Hence the idea of the Duluth Mailbag column.

I won’t divulge who is asking the questions, but I’ll answer them in this format about once a month. Feel free to put a question in the comments for next month’s “Duluth Mailbag” or tweet me via @Hobbs_Duluth or email me at hobbsforduluth @ gmail.com.

Also, if you want to have a longer conversation, you can sign up for a 45-minute cup of coffee through my 100 Cups of Coffee project.

OK, here we go!

Video Archive: Green Man 2003

The second annual Green Man Festival was held at Spirit Mountain 20 years ago this week — July 11-12, 2003. The event featured more than 30 music acts — the Big Wu, Wookiefoot, Shannon Wright, Heiruspecs, the Black-eyed Snakes, Ol’ Yeller, Mark Mallman, White Iron Band, Cry on Cue, Spider John Koerner, Charlie Parr, Haley Bonar, etc.

Embedded above is local television news coverage of the event.

Seeking info on the Hadjis and the Black Labels

I hope this brings back memories to all the fans of Duluth’s music scene. I am beginning research into two Duluth bands from the past, namely the Hadjis and the Black Labels.

Video Archive: Proctor Speedway, 1983

This video from July 10, 1983 — 40 years ago today — features the Mid-season Championships at the Proctor Speedway.

Video: Eveleth Clown Band in Two Harbors Heritage Days Parade

A highlight of the Two Harbors Heritage Days Parade was the Eveleth Clown Band, performing songs like “When the Saints Go Marching In” and other standards while … you know, clowning.

PDD Quiz: Waterfalls

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to explore the outdoors. This week’s PDD quiz spotlights some of the region’s many parks that feature cascading water. Both the Zenith City website and Tony Dierckins’ Duluth Historic Parks: Their First 100 Years were valuable resources for this quiz.

The next PDD quiz will be pubished on July 30; it will review the month’s headlines and happenings. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by July 26.

American Boy

“Get out of the lake right now, or I will fucking shoot you,” he hollers, staring down an invisible sight and into my eyes, his finger threatening to pull the trigger — a notched branch on the stick rifle he has cocked and rested on his shoulder.

None of us respond, but if heart rates were words, we’d be babbling.

Our silence exasperates him. “I am not fucking kidding. You get out of the lake right now” — he sweeps a dictatorial finger from the lake where seven of us are circled in the water and toward the pebbled beach where he’s tantruming — “… or I will fucking shoot you.”

A few of us turn our backs to him, attempting to pick up the conversation we’d been having before this agitated teen and his friend, high on unaccustomed warmth in the air and whatever’s in that vape pen tucked into that pocket, stumbled into our orbit. The gun-pointer, initially aided by his sidekick, has been yelling at us for five minutes now, a genuinely unnerving bundle of aggression in green shorts. But if there’s one thing this group of grown-ups — parents, partners, queers, professionals, grieving, recovering, regulating, growing — knows how to do, it’s ignore the todderlistic foot stamping of a heckler.