Historical Research by Accident: Nostalgic Newsstand Sale Adverts and Fisk Tire

Here is another advert from my collection of now-recycled magazines from the Duluth Public Library’s Nostalgic Newsstand Sale.

Badger Rubber Works was a subsidiary (located in Milwaukee, my home town) of Fisk Tire. Fisk Tire eventually closed down, later revived as a brand-trademark of Discount Tire — the closest one to Duluth appears to be in North Branch. But it’s not the same company.

Fisk Rubber was in Duluth in the years that this ad ran, though, at 749 E. Superior St. The picture below is from the Martin Library archives. I think there is no building at this address, anymore.

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Paul Lundgren

about 1 year ago

There is another post on PDD about the Fisk Rubber Company with a modern image of the location. It's the greenspace on Eighth Avenue East across from Sir Benedict's Tavern on the Lake.

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