Richardson Bros. House Swarmed by Cops

One of the hazards of living in a house full of props is getting cops called on your casket.

I own a duplex and my brother Allen rents the downstairs. This morning I saw him with the casket in the back of his truck with one of our hazmat suits in it, and I thought, “He’s probably going to a protest or something,” and dismissed it. A few minutes later he had gone inside but I saw multiple cops out there poking at it. I thought, “Does Allen know the cops are here? Probably,” and dismissed it. Then: cop knock at the front door. I thought, “I’m going to let Allen get it.” I hear Allen open the door and say, “Well, hello there!… Let me get my camera. It’s just for the internet because this is too hilarious.” That is where this footage begins. Just another day at the Richardson Bros. household, ho hum.

As mentioned in the video, the casket is from the Yes Men video we helped with called “Peace Pipeline” and was made up by their Hollywood professionals to look like it had been freshly exhumed. When that production was over, the casket was left in Allen’s possession, where it continues to cause trouble.

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Jim Richardson (aka Lake Superior Aquaman)

about 3 years ago

Highlights in this video which is basically 100 percent highlights: Allen emerges from house to two cops facing him, says, "All right!"; remains implausibly upbeat throughout ... Cop: "Honestly I've been a cop for a couple years now and never got a call like this before"... Allen promotes "Peace Pipeline" short film throughout ... Allen repeatedly telling the cops about his arrest in Aitkin County to their bemusement ... Al: " which I didn't reply, because y'know, it's got some ongoing legal proceedings ..." ... "Hey you brought your friends!" ... Cop (apologetically about three police vehicles there): "Well when you get a call, with the comments that we had..." Al: "I believe it! It's more than a prop, this is a real casket ... but there's a fake dead person in there ... And I just made sure that his eyes light up ... What you're looking at there is a plastic skeleton with light-up eyes." ... Cop: "Where'd you get the coffin?" Al (recognizing cop from martial arts class): "This guy! ... Discount Casket Warehouse, in Texas." ... Al: "All Soul's Night, I'm kinda surprised you guys haven't heard about it, since there's going to be a 17-foot skeleton puppet walking down Superior Street; I assume they've got permits for that." ... Al (after long silence): "Any other questions, gentlemen?" ... Cop: "You gotta understand, from a person who doesn't know you ..." Al: "It's provocative. These are for dead people, so ..." ... Jovially discusses martial arts dojos with cop ... Al: "I hope people are talking about this down at the station for a long time, because it's very, very funny, to me." ... Al (about "Peace Pipeline"): "The sheriff sent that video to the Northern Lights Task Force, uh, when I was arrested, some months ago ... which is just funny. To me. It's a living. All right -- well, I gotta get this guy a giant butterfly, so uh, I'll see y'all later."

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