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Every Single Homegrown 1999 Photo Available

Members of Ballyhoo performing at the inaugural Homegrown Music Festival in 1999. (Photo courtesy Leon Rohrbaugh; photographer unknown)

On the eve of the 25th annual Homegrown Music Festival we take a look at every single locatable image from the first Homegrown in 1999. It was a few years before digital photography became a common thing, a few years before social media existed, and a few years before Homegrown became one of the most photographed events in Duluth.

Despite a lot of asking around, the photo at the top of this post is the only non-newsprint image that could be found. Others probably exist in shoeboxes in various closets and attics, but at this time no one has shared them with Perfect Duluth Day.

All of the images below are fuzzy captures of photos that appeared in newsprint. All of the Ripsaw pics were uncredited and no one seems to remember who shot them or where the originals ended up. So it goes. (If you have any leads, give a shout to paul @ perfectduluthday.com.)

Nate Forneris, aka DJ Baby Judy, performing with 2 Sleepy People. (Photo captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Patrick Nelson of Giljunko, flanked by Jennifer Jones and Rachel Olson. (Photo captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Jennifer Jones and Dicky Brooks performing with Gild. (Photo captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Leon Rohrbaugh of Ballyhoo. (Photo captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Members of Father Hennepin: Andy Smentkowski, Scott “Starfire” Lunt, Bob Olson and Ted Anderson. (Photo captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Two images of Mark Lindquist of Giljunko. (Photos captured from newsprint via the Ripsaw)

Sean Erspamer and Leon Rohrbaugh of Ballyhoo. (Photo by Nathan Berndt, captured from newsprint via the UMD Statesman)



about 1 year ago

The unidentified other person kissing Patrick Nelson is Rachel from the First Ladies.

Paul Lundgren

about 1 year ago

Thanks Cork! I sometimes forget that Morgan LaFate (Rachel Olson) preceded Trinity (Carrie Mohn) in the First Ladies.

Below are two pics that could be confused for Homegrown 1999 photos but actually precede the festival.

Via Jason Cork is this photo of the First Ladies at the NorShor, which he thinks is from 1998. Top: Dr. Tomorrow (Chris Bacigalupo). Middle: Agnt_Orange (Tim Nelson), 3D Jesus (Aaron Ashley) and the Marten (Brad Nelson), along with Cork playing the role of the Hitman. At bottom, the ladies -- Morgan LaFate (Rachel Olson) and the Raven (Jen Jones)

This Duluth News Tribune photo by Josh Meltzer is of Bryan "Lefty" Johnson performing with Crazy Betty at the NorShor. It appeared with a story in the paper about the first Homegrown ... but the photo was shot a week prior to Homegrown.

And since Leon Rohrbaugh is featured prominently in this post, I'm including this 2023 image of him flashing his festival pass from the 1999 Homegrown.

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