Corner of the Lake, 1963

This photo by Lyman E. Nylander is dated April 28, 1963 — 60 years ago today. It shows several Canal Park icons — the Aerial Lift Bridge, Duluth Harbor North Breakwater Lighthouse, Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum — but the Duluth Lakewalk is still decades away from being built.

Because of the I-35 tunnel, with Gichi-ode’ Akiing / Lake Place Park built on top of it, shooting a modern photo from this perspective would be either challenging or impossible.


Paul Lundgren

about 1 year ago

One thing that is helpful about that aerial photo is it allows me to get a sense of where the photographer might have been standing in relation to what was behind him. I put a red circle at my best guess, which is the bottom of Third Avenue East near the present-day locations of the Intrepid Building and Duluth Trading Company.

Below is a sloppy attempt at using Google Maps for a 2017 version of what a photo from that spot might look like today.

David Syring

about 1 year ago

I have this weird sense that we are just here as yet another means of the universe trying to sense itself to figure out what it is. This post and comments only re-affirms this weird idea.

Paul Lundgren

about 1 year ago

Damn it, now the universe is going to be distracted from figuring itself out while it determines if it's trying to figure itself out or not.

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