Accurate Duluth Map

Please enjoy this highly accurate map of Duluth and Superior.


David Beard

about 1 year ago

Just in case this needs to be said:

Some of my best friends live near the Wade Stadium. One of the best private investments in the health of our community and its identity, the Huskies, is in West Duluth. The best/best value Chinese food in Duluth (Zhong Hua) is near Denfeld, the High School that has educated geniuses like my Tims (Kaiser and Broman). The best fully independent coffee shop in Duluth, with a rich menu of locavore foods, dynamic poetry, and music (Wussow's) is in West Duluth. The nonprofit giant that is transforming all of the region (Eco3) makes its home in the West End. So does some gentrification about which I have mixed feelings.

I find the comments about Superior equally feather-ruffling (because Superior houses three game stores, an estuarium, and some of my best friends. But because it's basically a playful description of businesses and not an indictment of people, I struggled forth a smile.

About the depiction of the West End and West Duluth, I just needed to say: visit, wouldja?

Chester Knob

about 1 year ago

Since this map is at least a decade old, it needs an update.

The "Lincoln Park Craft District" should be denoted with the label, "Espresso / Craft Alcohol Dependence."

David Beard

about 1 year ago

The "Tims" of my heart went to Central.

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