Postcard from Priley Fountain and the Radisson Hotel

This 50-year-old postcard shows what was then the new Radisson Hotel behind the also new-at-the time Priley Fountain at the Duluth Civic Center. The message on the back of the card was written July 14, 1972, and the card is postmarked the next day.

The caption on the back of the card reads:

Colored lights of the Priley Fountain and starry windows of the Radisson-Duluth Hotel give a “Christmas in summer” atmosphere to Duluth’s new Fifth Avenue Mall.

The handwritten message reads:

Dear everyone,
We reached Duluth. We are staying with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Einer. Tomorrow we are leaving for Ohio. While driving it is impossible to do anything. I gave up writing while driving. And when we stop we’re so busy we can’t find time for anything it seems. So the diaries have sort of been neglected. Saw this fountain during the day. Duluth is quite a big city with lots of pretty sights.
Love, Kathy

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