PDD Quiz: Duluth Laws

How well do you know the finer points of Duluth’s legislative code? Dive into this week’s trivia and test your legal smarts.

The next PDD quiz, on current events, will be coming your way on Sept. 26. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Sept. 22.

#1 How many dogs over the age of four months are Duluth residents allowed to own?

According to Sec. 6-39, owning more than three dogs over the age of four months requires an exception license. 

#2 According to Sec. 5-21a, adult bookstores cannot be within 2,000 feet of this type of establishment.

Adult bookstores established prior to August 19, 2010 are exempt from this ordinance. 

#3 True or False: Roosters may be kept within the city of Duluth in areas not designated Rural-Conservation or Residential-Rural.

Section 6-79.1 also states that licensed residents may keep five chickens. 

#4 How many “clearly designated waste containers” are food trucks required to provide for patrons?

Sec. 27-19 governs the operation of mobile food carts and mobile food vehicles. 

#5 True or False: At least one officer of the law is required to attend public dances.

Sec. 15-1 defines a public dance as “any dance wherein the public may participate by payment, either directly or indirectly, of an admission fee or price for dancing or a fee for membership in a club.”

#6 According to Section 6-34c, how far must picketed animals be from public alleys, sidewalks, streets, or lot lines?

“Picketed” refers to having the animal on a chain or a cable.

#7 Establishments selling synthetic drugs must remain closed between these hours.

Section 5-48a regulates synthetic drug establishments. 

#8 True or False: Animals offered for adoption by city animal shelters or non-profit organizations must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption

You’ll find this ordinance in Sec. 6-5.

#9 Places selling intoxicating liquor or 3.2 percent malt liquor must be illuminated at this intensity.

You’ll find this ordinance in Sec. 8-16B. 

#10 Which of the following are mentioned in Duluth’s weapons ordinances?

Per Sec. 49, nunchaku are allowed for martial arts exhibitions, contests, or trainings; slingshots require a permit and brass knuckles are banned.


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