PDD Quiz: Superior Hiking Trail

A sign for the Superior Hiking Trail at Temperance River State Park on the North Shore of Lake Superior, Minnesota.

Lace up your boots and pack your GORP for this week’s PDD quiz about the Superior Hiking Trail!

The next PDD quiz, coming your way on June 30, will review the news that made headlines this month. Please submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by June 25.

#1 When the first section of the Superior Hiking Trail was opened in 1987, officials cut this instead of a ribbon.

Lake Superior Magazine has more on the history of the Superior Hiking Trail here.

#2 The southern terminus of the Superior Hiking Trail is on the border of which two states?

The southern terminus is southeast of Jay Cooke State Park.

#3 Where is the northern terminus of the Superior Hiking Trail?

270 Degree Overlook is near the U.S./Canada border.

#4 Roughly how many miles long is the Superior Hiking Trail?

The main trail is roughly 300 miles long with 16 miles of spur trails. Read more about the trail on the Superior Hiking Trail website.

#5 What was the total number of visits to the Superior Hiking Trail in 2023?

Read more about how the Superior Hiking Trail tabulates visits here.

#6 The Superior Hiking Trail is part of this larger National Scenic Trail.

Learn more about the North Country Trail here.

#7 What is the name of the Superior Hiking Trail’s monthly e-newsletter?

You can read previous issues of Trail Mix here.

#8 Where is the Superior Hiking Trail office located?

More information about the SHT office is available here.

#9 What is the fastest known time for an unsupported hike of the entire Superior Hiking Trail?

Read more about the record, which was set in 2023, here.

#10 Birchy is the mascot for the Superior Hiking Trail. What is Birchy?

Birchy the Beaver appears on various SHT patches and paraphernalia.


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