June of ’71: Duluth sewers failing, Voyageurs Park bill signed

Sewer system malfunctions were on the rise in Duluth 50 years ago. The June 4, 1971 Duluth Herald reported 48 claims had been filed against the city through June 3, an amount that nearly doubled the rate of 1970, when 51 claims were made in the full year.

Also in the news: Minnesota Governor Wendell Anderson signed the Voyageurs National Park Bill into law, giving Minnesota the nation’s first national park in a northern forest-lake setting.

Caption: Conwed Blast … The force of an explosion that blew out the walls and roof of a building at Conwed Corp. at Cloquet Thursday afternoon also reached out to knock over a utility pole and tip a railroad boxcar. Cause of the blast, in a portion of the paper firm’s pulp mill, was not determined and a damage estimate was not available. No one was injured. –(Herald Photo.)

Caption: Eagle Scouts … Nine scouts in Duluth Boy Scout Troop 43, headquartered in Congdon Park School, have been promoted this year to Eagle Scout. They are, from left: front row, Stephen A. Mars, Daniel J. Swanson and Leon J. Abram; middle row, Brian M. Swanson, Thomas D. Harries and Scott Dean; back row, James R. Plaunt, David N. Priest and Craig Dean. –(Hearld Photo)

Caption: Wilhelm, Root, Buchanan … Cars representing the three area stock car segments which have banded together to form the Northwest Racing Association come out of a turn in a late model race at the Tri-State Fairgrounds in Superior during the Memorial Day weekend. They are No. 97, driven by Duluth’s Dick Wilhelm, No. 26, driven by Ashland’s Bob Root, and No. 96, driven by Superior’s Les Buchanan. There will be stock car racing at Superior tonight, in Ashland Saturday and at the Proctor Speedway Sunday night. –(Photo by Hugh McKay.)

Caption: She’s a Winner … Mary Letourneau and the J. Fennimore Cooper Memorial Trophy appear with the new Duluth Alpine Club president, Rudy Monson (left) and the retiring president, William Moser. Mary and Brad Smith had their names engraved on the trophy as 1970-71 girl and boy city alpine ski combined champions. –(Photo by Martin P. Harney.)

The nice thing about turning the dials back 50 years and looking at old newspapers is that it allows us to escape the news of today. I mean, everyone is tired of hearing about East hockey coach Mike Randolph, right? Oh, wait …

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