PDD Quiz: Duluth Superlatives

Some general Duluth trivia coming your way with a look at Duluth superlatives! Where can you find the shortest street? What is the tallest industrial building? What is the coldest recorded temperature? Quiz on to discover answers to all of these questions (and more)!

The next quiz will review 2020 headlines; it will be published on Dec. 27. Submit question suggestions to Alison Moffat at [email protected] by Dec. 22.

#1 What is Duluth’s steepest street?

With a grade of 25.5 percent, the stretch of Fifth Avenue West between Fifth and Sixth Streets is the steepest in Duluth. Read more on this Duluth News Tribune article.

#2 The CRH US Cement Silo is the tallest industrial building in Duluth. How tall is the structure?

The Alworth Building (the tallest commercial building in Duluth) is 247 feet tall. Read a discussion of Duluth’s tallest structure on PDD and more about the CRH US (formerly Holcim) cement silo on the Duluth Seaway Port Authority website.

#3 What is the coldest air temperature recorded in Duluth?

The record cold temperature was set on Jan. 2, 1885. Read more about winter weather records on the National Weather Service website.

#4 What is Duluth’s longest-operating restaurant?

Read more about the history of Pickwick on the Zenith City website.

#5 In which Duluth neighborhood would you find the shortest signed street maintained by the city (that isn’t an alley or a driveway)?

According to the City of Duluth, 29th Street South and 20th Street South, both off of Minnesota Avenue, are the shortest; they’re each roughly 100 feet in length (though 20th Street South appears to be the shorter of the two on Google Maps).

#6 Bentleyville set an attendance record in 2017. How many visitors were there that year?

Destination Duluth has more Bentleyville facts and figures here.

#7 Duluth’s oldest house still used as a residence is the Peter J. Peterson House. In what year was it built?

The house is located at 13328 W. Third St. Learn more on the Duluth News Tribune‘s website.

#8 This company’s $900 million Vision Northland project will be the largest private investment in Duluth’s history.

Read more about Vision Northland on the project website.

#9 In what year was Duluth’s first modern skywalk constructed?

Duluth’s first modern skywalk, connecting the Holiday Center and Wells Fargo over Superior Street, was constructed in 1978. Read more about the skywalk (and some earlier passageways) in this Duluth News Tribune article.

#10 Who was Duluth’s longest-serving mayor?

Snively was in office from 1921 until 1937. Read more about his life and legacy on the Zenith City website.


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