Serpent Lake, 1920

This photo of Serpent Lake, about 80 miles west of Duluth, includes an illustrated map of the route. It appeared in the Duluth Herald 100 years ago today — Sept. 16, 1920. Let it serve as a reminder to wear a white shirt and a tie when paddling.

The accompanying text:

Serpent lake, situated near Crosby, is one of the most ideal places in the state of Minnesota to spend a vacation. It is a charmingly beautiful body of water and is visited yearly by hundreds of persons who want to get away from the heat of the cities.

The roads to Serpent Lake are in excellent condition at this season of the year and pass through some of the most attractive parts of Minnesota.

Serpent lake is noted primarily for its fishing. It is well stocked with bass and other game fish. Record catches have been made there during the past few summers. There are also many excellent trout streams in the locality.

The camping grounds of the Y.M.C.A. are located at the lake and hundreds of boys and young men go there to spend their vacations. The cool, clear water and splendid beach make an ideal combination for swimming.

Near Serpent lake is Agate lake, noted for the many agates of different sizes and exquisite hues which have been found there.

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Les Locklear

about 4 years ago

In the spring of 1969, March to be exact. I was offered a job as parts and warehousing manager at the Scorpion factory in Crosby. I stayed in a motel on Serpent Lake and came home to Duluth on weekends. We sold our home in Duluth in May and purchased a home on the North shore of Serpent Lake. Good fishing for walleyes and small mouth bass in the lake. We left Crosby to move south on April 27, 1972. We spent the night in Duluth with long time friends on 8th street. Left the following morning with the heater running, Lake Superior was completely frozen over that year. Arrived in Gulfport, Mississippi on May 1, 1972 with the a/c running. Fond memories of Duluth, my hometown. But Crosby wasn't a good spot to live as far as I was concerned. No regrets.

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