Duluth-area “Storage Wars”

I had no idea one could try one’s luck, “Storage Wars” style, in Duluth.

Visit twinportsbid.com if you want to wonder about what sad turn someone’s life took that led them to abandon their locker.

It reminds me of the times I visited Nordic Auction and wondered at the people whose lives were being emptied into boxes for auction. What happened to them? And what will happen to my 9,000 books when I am gone?

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Paul Lundgren

about 2 years ago

Some examples of this playing out on Perfect Duluth Day include the photos from the Cliff's Barbershop Collection or the Osterlund Collection, or the video above, produced by Brian Barber using films I bought for $1 at an estate sale in Piedmont Heights.

There are a lot of very personal things floating around that no one wants anymore. Poking through it can be interesting, but it's more often dreadfully boring ... until that interesting thing shows itself.

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