Class Photos from Duluth’s Bryant Elementary School

Bryant School was built in 1894 at 3102 W. Third St. in Duluth’s friendly West End neighborhood, the present-day location of Cummins Sales and Service. Hugh McKenzie shot the photo above, which is loosely dated by UMD’s Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives & Special Collections as “1914?”

Assembled below is a small collection of class photos from the school, which closed in the 1970s.

The first class photo in the collection is vaguely dated “1910?” by the Archives & Special Collections team with this description:

A Bryant elementary third grade classroom of boys and girls with their teacher. The children are seated at their desks, the unidentified woman teacher is standing at the rear of the room. Blinds are drawn, but sunlight is peeking in below the one near the teacher. The classroom is full of interesting items, but the drawing of the Aerial Bridge on the large blackboard is delightful. The day’s schedule is on the back corner blackboard. Drawing is a twenty-minute slot after lunch and before geography. Jane, Rose, Edith, Grace and Irene are named Busy Workers and have stars by their names on the blackboard.

1959 Kindergarten

1960 Grade 1

1961 Grades 1 and 2

1962 Grades 2 and 3

1963 Grade 4

1964 Grade 5

1965 Grade 6

There are first names available of some of the children in the final photo. According to penciled notes on the back of the image the boys on the bottom row are purportedly: “Mark Alan Chriss Paul Gary Keith James Frank.” The girls in the second row are: “Wendy Mona Lori Becky Kathy Jackie Debra Gail Janice Bonnie.” For some reason only three names are listed for the top row: “Jane Lynn Lucinda.”

If you have class photos from Bryant School to add to the collection send them to paul @

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Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Just came across this 1972 image.

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