More Duluth climate-change refuge speculation

The international news agency Reuters is the latest to report on Duluth as a potential climate-change refuge. Back in April, it was the New York Times.


Dave Sorensen

about 4 years ago

There will be nowhere to hide from climate change. The extra moisture in the air has already increased major flood events here. The shifting jet stream may bring more and worse polar vortexes. And from what climate refuge is our food to come from? These escapist fantasies are not helpful. For the sake of argument let's say we live in a sweet spot immune from global warming's worst effects. What then? Do we increase the population by a few tens of thousands and then build a wall around our bunker-city to keep the rest of the climate refugees out? Suggesting there will be little bright spots or opportunities to be found amid the climate catastrophe is like someone saying, "I've got cancer, but I'm going to save money on haircuts!"

Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

It is indeed befuddling and bizarre to have people of seemingly moderate intelligence suggest that in a scenario of global climate stress Duluth would somehow perfectly manage its resources and balance just the right population to bring a greater prosperity and quality of living. 

I guess all I need to improve my life is to watch my neighbor's house collapse in a storm so I can rent out a bedroom. That extra income sure will be nice. I hope we like the same music.

Dave Sorensen

about 4 years ago

Here is the prophet Tiny Tim, around 1968, warning the children about rising sea levels.

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