Postcard from the Publicity Bureau of Edwin H. Lee

For a little background on what the deal is with Edwin H. Lee, we turn to a supplement of the Nov. 1, 1913 issue of Skillings Mining and Market Letter.

Unfortunately, the article goes on and on saying the same basic thing over and over without giving any sense of just what type of thing Lee did to promote Duluth that was the stuff of such “genuis.” Apparently it boiled down to touting the virtues of Duluth in hotel publications. However he went about that, it is apparent he sold Duluth as “the most hospitable city in the United States.”

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Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 3 years ago

“To begin with he was given credit for his individual team work (that seems to be the only way of expressing the idea that Mr. Lee as an individual did the work and obtained results, which might have reflected credit on an organized committee.)” 

Thanks for posting this Paul… I was excited that the story behind this rare indoor Spalding scene was pretty easily find-able, and then… I got annoyed at the 1913 writer of the newsletter for 1. Convoluted writing style and 2. Assuming that Mr. Lee did all this amazing work by himself, instead of with a room of at least 3 unnamed ladies at typewriters. Typical?

And what is going on with all the photos propped up all around the room? Hmmm.

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