Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #21

Another Duluth Trivia card, from a board game found at Savers, below.


Paul Lundgren

about 4 years ago

Question #5 has inspired a separate post about the Library Wild Cats.

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 4 years ago

Just so you know, David, this is the second time this trivia set posting series has led to me: 1. Finding out about local smart historical women. 2. Digging up more history 3. Reaching out to one of their grandchildren and hearing heartwarming stories about said smart historical woman. So, thanks!

Tony D.

about 4 years ago

#7 is wrong. No Duluth team in charter season of NFL. Kelly-Duluth (aka "The Duluth Kelleys") joined the NFL in 1923; the Kelleys became the Eskimos in 1926.

Also guessing #1 was right when written but is now wrong due to renovations since then.....


David Beard

about 4 years ago

Gina, Heartwarming.  Tony, thank you.

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