Mystery Photo #94: Postcard of Bizarro Duluth

So … what we’ve got here is … um … an image that seems completely unrelated to Duluth, labeled upside down as Duluth. Can anyone speculate on what the folks at V.O. Hammon Publishing Company were thinking? What is this image actually depicting?

While it’s not technically a photo, it needs to be categorized as a PDD Mystery Photo nonetheless.



about 5 years ago

Not sure about the reason for the wrong caption, but the big building is Milwaukee City Hall.

David Beard

about 5 years ago

Hah, my hometown. I tell people all the time that Duluth is Milwaukee if Milwaukee had a hundred thousand people instead of a million.

Fun fact: There was a fence-netting thing installed on the upper floors of the atrium. As a child, I thought it was there to keep children from accidentally falling; a marker of my adulthood was realizing it was to keep adults from intentionally falling. 

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