Mystery Photos #88-89: Hardware Store Women

I recently came across two photos of a couple strong Duluth women in an unidentified Duluth hardware store on Minnesota Reflections. There is no accurate date or known specific location (there is a guesstimate year span on this one of 1918-1925, which seems quite unlikely due to their stylish high-collar/big sleeve clothing). Who were they? What year was this? And would they tolerate any nonsense? Unlikely.

This second photo appears to show the other side of the same store, with the same woman behind the counter. The guesstimate for this year was 1900 (perhaps more likely). Any historic Duluth Hardware Store experts out there?


Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

I'm curious how many hardware stores Duluth had in, for example, 1919 compared to 2019.

I think in 2019 there are fewer than 10. The ones I can think of are: Denny's Ace Hardware, Gary Builder's Supply, Marshall Hardware, Menards, Acme Tools, the Home Depot, Central Sales, Burggraf’s Ace Hardware and Viking Electric Supply.

And I'll bet the women at those places are totally tolerant of nonsense.

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

After a quick peek in a city directory I can say there were more than 25 retail hardware stores in Duluth circa 1930.

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