Saturday Essay and Selective Focus Programming Note

Like a bunch of old timers stuck in some newspaper-era, schedule-oriented, deadline-consumed mindset, the brain trust at Perfect Duluth has been locked for several years in the notion that every Friday we need to publish our Selective Focus feature and every Saturday we need to publish our Saturday Essay. No more. It was fine for a while, but we’re done with that rigid scheduling.

Most of the regular recurring features on PDD happen randomly, such as the adventures of Lake Superior Aquaman, Mystery Photos, Postcards from … and Video Archive. And that seems to work a lot better. Instead of publishing something because we feel like we have to, we publish because we feel like we want to.

So, here’s the deal: Saturday Essay will continue to be a feature that only happens on Saturday, because, well, it’s called “Saturday Essay.” But we’re not going to feel the need to publish one every single week. We published 50 essays per year for three years; if we publish 40 this year hardly anyone will be harmed at all.

Selective Focus will probably continue to happen mostly on Fridays, but when it seems more timely to publish on a different day, or if the material just isn’t ready on Friday, we’ll roll with nature. It’s been a weekly feature since Nov. 21, 2014; it’ll still be basically a weekly thing, but now you might see two editions within three days and then not see one for 12 days. We’re going with the flow, baby.

So now you can consider us free-spirited Millenials. We feel younger already.

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