R.I.P. Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant & Bar in Superior has announced it’s closing for the third time. This time seems to have more finality to it.

Below is what was posted to the restaurant’s Facebook page on Dec. 11:

A dream was achieved and now, the time to close has come. Sclavi’s Italian Restaurant & Bar is regretful to announce that it will be closing for service on 12/29/18. There are so many variables and factors that go into the success and failure of a restaurant, after all, it’s a very high risk business with very low profit margins and the requirements to offer full-service are significant. Our busiest, wildest nights never made up for our slow nights. We’ve operated with our own money and are not backed by banks or investors. We will still be honoring our reservations and gift certificates until our last night of service. We will also be available for private events Sunday-Tuesday and lunch deliveries. The fact is, we simply don’t have enough revenue to stay operational any longer. That is ok.

We would like to take the remaining weeks of business and invite you in for our last nights of service while we focus on the absolute fortunes and blessings that have come from this business above and beyond what any dollar could ever provide; beautiful, happy, generous and exuberant customers that have become our family. Customers that didn’t just buy a meal, but frequented our establishment as an investment in us and our community; damn… thank you. Travelers that have taken their happiness from our brick walls to each coast of the United States and overseas to have a positive story of their stay in Superior, WI. Customers that didn’t like what we did but gave us a shot anyway. Employees that have facilitated our endeavor, vendors that have been auxiliary in supplying our specialty local and imported products. Friends and family that have been loving and generous in supporting a dream. There has been so much laughter, congregation, celebration, hugs and high-fives in this wild, renegade ride. We’ve been humbled, we’ve had growth and we’ve learned almost as much in five years than we ever could in a lifetime. It has been through the passionate creative process of having our role in every facet of this business from designing menus, advertising, cooking, cleaning, painting, hiring, firing (the burners in the kitchen), celebrating, planning, and on; we did it with the blood, passion and we are thrilled you were an irreplaceable part of it all.

In finale, they say the key to appetite is providing just enough so that you’re satisfied in the moment but reasonably want more. We hope that we’ve satisfied your appetite and thank you from the depths of our hearts if you want more; we certainly did. However, for every closure, there is another opportunity that can blossom into something greater than ever expected. We’ve seen it first hand. Salut!

Sclavi’s opened in 2009, closed, reopened in 2011, closed again, and reopened again in October 2014.

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Helmut Flaag

about 6 years ago

The writing was on the wall.

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