Mystery Photos #72 and #73: Duluth in 1926

Tim Winker of Saginaw found two 1926 Duluth photos while going through his family’s collection. “Any guess as to where on the hillside these might have been taken?” he asks.



about 11 months ago

The first photo, taken well above St. Mary's, looking down the hillside: pretty sure this was shot just above what's now Central Entrance and Fourth Avenue East, where it winds around below the copper-top church (First United Methodist). I think those two houses in the foreground are still there though much remodeled.


about 10 months ago

I was on vacation when these mysteries photos were posted, but still wanted to make some late comments, as I find them quite interesting. I believe RK is correct that the first photo was taken from near a walkway going up the hill above Fourth Avenue East before the construction of Central Entrance. The second photo appears to have been taken from almost the exact same location, but with the photographer having turned the camera 90 degrees. The attached image uses Google Earth to show the approximate location of the photographer with the angle of mystery photo #72 in red and mystery photo #73 in blue.


about 10 months ago

Because Central Entrance was later built straight across the bottom of Mystery Photo #72, the current and 1926 view look nearly identical, with one notable exception being the absence of Franklin School, circled in blue.


about 10 months ago

With the camera turned to the left, however, the extent to which the construction of Central Entrance changed both the fabric of the neighborhood and the shape of the hillside itself becomes clear. I've circled the buildings that most clearly match in both images and added a white line to the 1926 photo to show the approximate location of the future Central Entrance.

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