Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #8

Below are more questions from a Duluth Trivia Deck I found at Savers. I’m not using all the questions in this deck in my series of posts, by the way. Some are clearly dated., e.g. “How many banks are in Duluth?” The answer will no longer be accurate. Also, some are clearly designed to promote a business.

1. How long is the Blatnik Bridge?

2. Who was John A. Blatnik?

3. The actor Tom Price portrayed a popular role in 1985 in Duluth. What part did he play?

4.  How many branch libraries are there in Duluth — at the time this card deck was produced?

5.  Due to a power failure, who was stuck in the Holiday Center glass elevator for one-half hour on October 23, 1985?

6.  Name the person who has been mayor of Duluth, director of the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, and in the state legislature?

7.  What Duluth mayor came to prominence over a confrontation with a gasoline distribution company?

8.  What was the first name of the Duluth Junior League organization?

1. 1.5 miles

2. Congressman from Minnesota’s 8th District

3. Henry Brick

4. Four — which one did we lose?

5. Bill Knoblauch — but who was Bill Knoblauch?

6. Ben Boo

7. John Fedo

8.  King’s Daughter’s Society



about 6 years ago

According to one Tennessee newspaper, in 1985 Bill Knoblauch was the U.S. Customs Service Director in Duluth. I think at the time the game was made that would have been an easy question, so long as you were in the Holiday Center that day and an acquaintance of Bill Knoblauch, as was most likely the case for the writer of the question.

David Beard

about 6 years ago

[Smiles at humor of above, and helpfulness of above above.]


about 9 months ago

Wish I had seen this earlier. Thankyou for supplying me with the date my father was trapped in the glass elevator! 😂 Lol. I have searched for this boardgame for years. My father's co-workers gave him the game with the newspaper clipping back then. It was hilarious! I believe I actually contacted you at one point seeing something about you having located this board game but never told you that I was linked to it.  At the very least I can now get a copy of the newspaper photo. Why he would be in a Tennessee newspaper article I don't know. Interesting. But yes, he was trapped in the glass elevator in what was the Normandy which turned into the Holiday.


about 9 months ago

And no, the person who created the game did not know my father. My father is laughing and says the guy took it from the newspaper. He thinks the whole thing is pretty humorous as no one would know the answer.

David Beard

about 9 months ago

You have made my week with this news.  :)

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