Duluth Trivia Deck Sampler #5

From the Duluth trivia deck scored at Savers. Thanks to those who have corrected the previous entries and discussed them with vigor. I learned a lot.

1. Who was Duluth’s first mayor?

2. What was the name of the first ship to pass through the Duluth Ship Canal?

3. In what year was the Duluth Bethel Society founded?

4. In what year did the Duluth Board of Trade organize? (The link is about the building, not the organization.)

5. Who developed the Lake Vermilion Iron Fields?

6. When the Duluth Street Railway opened in 1881, how much did it cost to ride in one of its mule-drawn cars?

7. What part of Duluth was known as a “Hay Fever Haven“?

8. What did the City of Duluth do when it was found that its Lake Superior water had asbestiform particles which are linked to cancer?

9. What was Soroptimist International?

10. This one feels like it might be suspect: What was the first church in the Village of West Duluth?

11. True or False: Duluth once had a Duluth Toboggan and Snowshoe Association?

1. Joshua B. Culver

2. The Fero

3. 1872

4. 1881

5. Charlemagne Tower, Jr. I guess I know why the town is named Tower, now.

6. Five cents

7. Minnesota Point

8. The City of Duluth build a new water filtration plant. Wow. What was this like? Can someone living here tell me whether this was as spooky as it sounds?

9. Soroptimist International was a “women’s service club” according to the card — what did they do, and what happened to them?

10. Plymouth Congregational Church

11. True. Time for a revival?



about 5 years ago

I grew up in Duluth in the 1960s and '70s, and remember the water problems. The "asbestos-like" particles, as they were called in the news, were apparently from Reserve Mining taconite tailings that were dumped in the lake then.  They were too small for the City water plant's filters, so small filters were installed at some (all?) Duluth Fire Department locations. Especially if you had children in your family, you were encouraged to go to your local fire hall, with refillable containers, to get filtered drinking water. I can't remember exactly how long we did this, a few months maybe, until the filters were improved at the water plant, and the tap water was deemed drinkable. Eventually Reserve was forced to stop dumping in the lake, at least in part, because of this.


about 5 years ago

The Reserve Mining case presided by Judge Miles Lord was precedent setting case law. If you think a mining company gives a shit about water quality, I recommend reading up on the case. The more things change, the more they stay the same. If you run into me in RL, ask me to tell the hilarious story of a friend filling his waterbed mattress with well water during the asbestos scare.

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 5 years ago

Can you post info about this trivia game (year published, who made it, photo, etc?). I've gained a new historical obsession and want to know more about this serendipitous source. Thanks!

Gina Temple-Rhodes

about 5 years ago

MinnPost: EPA scientist’s work could improve mine safety

I knew Phil Cook a little, still miss him.

David Beard

about 5 years ago

I'll check the cards for data. I threw out the box, as I own too many cards.

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