Postcard from Brindos’ London Road Court

Marketed as “Duluth’s finest auto court,” located “on the shore of beautiful Lake Superior,” Brindos’ London Road Court boasted 14 “all modern” units. Amenities included housekeeping facilities, electric refrigeration, gas range, shower baths, lavatories, automatic gas heat and hot water.

The location was 2521 London Road, which today is the parking lot of Black Woods Grill & Bar, which opened in 1997.

A 2011 post on PDD about Duluth’s London Road Motel Row includes a comment from Bob Sigel about the London Road Court.

I was the original builder and owner of the Viking Motel, opened in June 1961. We started with 20 units and then in about 1970, added 10 more, facing London Road and the very posh London House Restaurant across the street. Next door to the east was the London Road Court Motel, owned by Gordon Brindos. They were originally built as small housing units right after the war for returning vets and converted to a motel in the late 1950s. The Brindos family owned and operated until they sold the property to the Overmans in about 1975.

The undated postcard shown above was published by “Picto-Cards — Kaeser & Blair, Cincinnati, Ohio.”

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