Make Glenwood Safe!

Make Glenwood Safe dot org


Marisa Ring

about 7 years ago

Do you know who's involved with this? That website has almost no information. I can see some room for improvement on Glenwood but not sure all this is necessary. It would be helpful to know the recent history of safety problems (accidents involving single vehicles, multiple vehicles, and pedestrians or bikes) and how that compares to other, similar stretches.


about 7 years ago

I agree with changing the speed limit to 30 and adding a pedestrian/bike lane.  I do not, however, believe that stop lights or anything else mentioned are necessary.  Is this campaign proactive or reacting to problems?

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Maybe that intersection needs a roundabout. And I'm already sorry for even sarcastically suggesting it.


about 7 years ago

I'm sure this was not the intention of whoever set this up, but it makes me uncomfortable that there are no names or contact info on this. I checked the domain to see who owns it and it says that info is private. Is that a common way for domains to be registered now?


about 7 years ago

I want it raised to 50 and the outside lanes returned. But you can certainly have a sidewalk.


Vince Senski

about 6 years ago

The spokesperson/leader of Make Glenwood Safe is Greg Benson. He recently addressed the Duluth City Council with concerns about a speed limit of 45 mph (drivers are usually going over 50 mph) not being a good match for the poor sight lines, steep grade, and cars entering and leaving the Hawk Ridge Road. As a bicyclist who travels this route frequently I can attest that this stretch of Glenwood is very unsafe with vehicles drifting onto the shoulder area as they round the top of the hill.

As far as the Snively/Jean Duluth intersection goes, with an increasing traffic flow it is inevitable that lights will be installed -- my guess is within the next five years. A traffic circle would actually be a better idea -- no sarcasm intended. Anything that improves the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists will always be a good thing.

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