An Unexpected Arrival in Morgan Park


Does anyone have the story?



about 11 months ago



about 11 months ago

It's a baby tree.

Paul Lundgren

about 11 months ago

The big blue booth is either a Police Public Call Box or Dr. Who's Time and Relative Dimension in Space box. police-public-call-box


about 11 months ago

or a shrub or bush or something.

David Beard

about 11 months ago

I was social media suckered by a photoshop and some conniving nerd friends?

Ryan Andersen

about 11 months ago

88th Avenue West and Concord Street, across from the SA convenience store.


about 11 months ago

This is more of a side comment: Brents Biffies or whatever service should paint all their biffies like that. Because how awesome would it be to use the facilities and time/space travel?


about 10 months ago

I kind of hate to comment because I think the mystery is more exciting but I want to give credit to the amazing Scott Murphy who originally created the Tardis for his daughter's wedding. (Scott is an incredible artist outside of his tardis making abilities. You can see his mural outside the main public library for instance). After the wedding Scott bequeathed it to the Free Range Film Barn. We in turn sent it over to a very deserving family. It was taken down recently because of the wind but I'm sure it will pop up somewhere to help take care of ice monsters or cybermen.

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