Selective Focus: Ryan LeMahieu


This week in Selective Focus, we hear from Ryan LeMahieu. If you click the images for a bigger view, you can better see the intricate line work in his drawings.

R.L.: my name is ryan lemahieu. i work mostly in mixed media but have a tendency to gravitate towards the black pen. you are nearly always able to find a pen and paper which is nice because art is how i deal with severe social anxiety with roots deep in depression. it is my release. i also think everything is better in black and white.

i wish i could purchase a t.v. that was black and white. does anyone know where i can find a black and white t.v. ?

i have been working on developing a “style’ for close to 20 years. i feel like i maybe finally figuring it out.

its a struggle to develop a style you’re known for because that means doing the same thing over and over and i hate the idea of being predictable. we are only humans however and we love predictability it allows us to feel like we have some sort of control.
IMG_0698 (1)

IMG_5059as i stated earlier art allows me to deflate the noise in my head. it builds up and by the end of the day i need to decompress. art is my therapy. i search for new artists, movies, books everyday that i can relate to. work that makes me feel like i am not alone and the feelings i have are shared by others. ideally i want my work to connect with others that have the same struggles and to continue this chain of inspiration and comfort.
my work is around. i did that low album cover a few years ago. i have also worked with brian ring and a handful of other people that enjoy what i do.
i have no upcoming projects so if anyone wants to show my work please get a hold of me. i am the worst when it comes to selling myself. i am just another guy who is an “artist”. its kind of lame. so i try to remain humble and believe everything happens for a reason. if my work want to be seen it will be found. once i complete a project i move onto something else. always moving ahead. ideally.
to be an artist is a challenge. we give up a lot to pursue our work. dead end jobs. small apartments. not a lot of respect from men in leisure suits and women in large suv’s. however that’s the life we choose. i accept the fact that i will not have all the “stuff” other people acquire but i go to bed knowing that i am fortunate to have this ability to create.

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Garbage Pail Kidult

about 7 years ago

Peeking out from my socially anxious lurking bubble to say I really appreciate the openness of this artist statement. I relate to a lot of it. I'm not good at talking the talk, but the work really draws a person in and provokes thoughts/questions.

Cory Fechner

about 7 years ago

Killer Concert Poster.

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