Kiss Meets the Phantom of Duluth

Kiss performed at Amsoil Arena in Duluth on Aug. 3, and … well, if you didn’t go, there are all sorts of videos shot by a guy named Tom. If you did go, and you didn’t care much for it, well, Paul Stanley thinks you are a miserable asshole.

Paul Stanley thinks Tony Bennett is a miserable asshole



about 8 years ago

This whole thing brings a big smile to my face. The review was as poorly written as the rest of the ones by this DNT "writer," but to have Stanley validate it cracks me up. Too cool for Kiss -- only in Duluth would this happen. Tony Bennett, shame on you, you are miserable!


about 8 years ago

The reviewer for the DNT is actually a semi-well known musician in the area. However, sadly, the only people who really pay attention and respect his reviews are the other local musicians, who constitute a very small majority of this city. Tony's reviews speak to a lot of the pretentious local musicians in town who will never see any success beyond Superior Street and, for some reason, find joy in tearing down highly successful acts.   

I guess, when your rock and roll dreams fall short, it is easy to criticize and rip on those who have had success.


about 8 years ago

I thought it was a good review about a rock band that is mostly famous for its makeup and a tongue. Their music just isn't that great. I'd rather see a Helix reunion.

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