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The Return of Kiss

Thirty-nine years ago — Oct. 6, 1979 — Kiss played its third concert in Duluth, having previously appeared in 1974 and ’77. The band continued to “return” into the 1980s and ’90s, most recently performing in Duluth in 2016, when Paul Stanley tweeted that a certain Duluthian is “such a clearly miserable asshole.”

Those who attended the show in ’70 recall Judas Priest did not show up. John Cougar filled in and was purported booed.

Kiss Meets the Phantom of Duluth

Kiss performed at Amsoil Arena in Duluth on Aug. 3, and … well, if you didn’t go, there are all sorts of videos shot by a guy named Tom. If you did go, and you didn’t care much for it, well, Paul Stanley thinks you are a miserable asshole.

Paul Stanley thinks Tony Bennett is a miserable asshole

Video Archive: Duluth Kiss Concert

Yes, it’s the TV ad promoting the Kiss concert at the DECC Arena in 1990, a topic also covered in a post from six years ago.