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From the Photo Archive | May 27, 1990


Eclipse Productions presents the hottest band in the world … KISS! Live in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Arena. It’s the “Hot in the Shade” tour, featuring the hit song “Forever” (written by Michael Bolton!).

Festival seating means we’ll compete in a battle royale with 5,000 people, all fighting for Bruce Kulick’s guitar pick. And, of course, the guy in the Yosemite Sam shirt takes home the prize.

In my hand is a pair of glasses that were trampled by the crowd. Who’s to say what’s a souvenir and what’s a piece of garbage? I kept the glasses and got rid of the hip-hop British Knights hat.

The true relic in this shot is the T-shirt I’m wearing. You can’t see the gold logo very well, but it says “Chinese Lantern – Brass Phoenix.” If anything can kick Yosemite Sam’s ass, that would be it.


Paul, you were so buff.

What do you mean, WERE buff? Shoot, that was only 17 years ago. Now I'm twice as old and twice the man I was then.

Paul, you are truly brave. Most people burn photos like that!

Where is Mehling these days? That is a funny pic though...

The guy on the left in no way resembles Paul Lundgren.

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