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Telly Savalas Duluth

Clip from an advertising supplement in the May 29, 1984 Duluth News Tribune, referring to the classic “Duluth, who loves ya baby?” TV spot.


Longtime Perfect Duluth Day readers will recall this clip didn’t exist on the internet back in 2005, but emerged after a bounty was issued.

For a look at similar clips from the era, visit Perfect Duluth Day’s Best Archival Videos: 1980 to 2000.



about 5 years ago

I remember seeing Telly at the Jolly Fisher one night. Duluth was getting ready to give up in those days. We took whatever excitement that could be mustered. Rio Pardo would lead the audience in a conga line out of the Black Bear Lounge like some desperate last gasp of pretending we were going to make it....

K. Praslowicz

about 5 years ago

Ok. So I remember being told like fifteen years ago that this house on Snively was Telly Savalas's Duluth home. I don't think I've ever verified that factoid, but I think about it it every single time I pass by.

Fact or Crap?

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

When I was a kid I was told Savalas lived on Skyline. I've also heard Park Point. Might be time to finally verify this.

Brian Barber

about 5 years ago

When I was a kid, a friend was spending the night and out of the blue he said "what if we looked up and Telly Savalas was staring at us through that window." Scared me for days. And as far as I know Telly was never even in Omaha.

Mike Scholtz

about 5 years ago

There was a bounty?! Cool. Can I still get that free T-shirt???

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

You never got a T-shirt? I will solve that problem in seven days.

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