Duluth/Superior Interstate Bridge: “We are all well”

We Are All Well 1906 Duluth Postcard

OneRiverMN-Logo-FC-BadgeThis card traveled from Buffalo N.Y. to Mrs. W.J. Morrison of Lindsay, Ont. in 1906.

The Interstate Bridge opened in 1897. At the time it was pretty much the only way to get back and forth between Duluth and Superior — other than by boat or swimming, or going the long way around by land, or maybe jumping a train across the Grassy Point Railroad Bridge.

In 1906, the steamer Troy knocked the draw span of the Interstate Bridge into St. Louis Bay. Ferry service connected the cities for two years until repairs were completed.

The Oliver Bridge opened in 1916 and the Arrowhead Bridge in 1927. The Blatnik Bridge was built in 1961 to replace the Interstate Bridge. The Bong Bridge opened in 1985.

Interstate Bridge Interstate and Blatnik Bridges in 2007

Above left: Early crossing of the Interstate Bridge. Above right: Photo from 2007 of the Interstate and Blatnik bridges by Barrett Chase.

We are all well 1906 postcard back

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