Duluth Album Releases in 2016

Dirty Knobs - 30,000 DaysDirty Knobs
30,000 Days
Available on Bandcamp
(Jan. 5)

Gin Street - Model HomesGin Street
Model Homes
Available on Bandcamp
(Feb. 4)

Kyle Ollah - Wouldn't Mind Working from Sun to SunKyle Ollah
Wouldn’t Mind Working from Sun to Sun EP
Available on Bandcamp
(Feb. 5)

Dirty Knobs - Obliteration BalladsDirty Knobs
Obliteration Ballads: Lovesongs by Dying Supermachines
Available on Bandcamp
(Feb. 13)

The Adjustments - At North ShoreThe Adjustments
At North Shore
Available on Bandcamp
(Feb. 13)

Beaner's Central One Week Live Volume 14Various Artists
Beaner’s One Week Live, Volume 14
(Feb. 19)

Lorenzo's Tractor - Blood is CheapLorenzo’s Tractor
Blood is Cheap
Available on Bandcamp
(Feb. 23)

Gutt RottGutt Rott
Self-titled split album with Clown Downer
Available on Bandcamp
(March 5)

Darren Sipity
Available on Bandcamp
(March 7)

Homegrown Rawk and-or Roll 2016 - Jason Wussow's MixVarious Artists
Homegrown Rawk and/or Roll: Jason Wussow’s Mix
Available on Bandcamp
(March 14)

Dubz - Westside WalkDubz
Westside Walk
Available on iTunes
(March 15)

Tim Kaiser - ElektrikaTim Kaiser
Available at tim-kaiser.org

Matt Ray - Skeleton KeyMatt Ray
Skeleton Key EP
Available on Bandcamp
(April 1)

kayleematuszak_largeKaylee Matuszak
Stirring Skies
Available on iTunes and CDBaby
(April 1)

Kat Fox - Kat SupKat Fox
Kat Sup
Available on iTunes.
(April 2)

Dirty Knobs - Live at the Marshall W Alworth PlanetariumDirty Knobs
Live at the Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium 4​-​8​-​2016
Available on Bandcamp
(April 10)

Charlie Parr - I Ain't Dead Yet EPCharlie Parr
I Ain’t Dead Yet EP
Red House Records (April 10)

Man on the Moon - Crow MoonMan on the Moon
Crow Moon
(April 20)
Available on Bandcamp

Legitimit - Stardust VoicemailsLegitimit
Stardust Voicemails
(April 22)
Available on Bandcamp

Woodblind-Litho Digi 1001NotReversed.inddWoodblind
Big Voice
(April 29)

Project 1
(April 30)
Available on Bandcamp

Dirty Knobs - Live at Homegrown 2016Dirty Knobs
Live at Homegrown 2016
Xero Music (May 11)
Available on Bandcamp

The Surfactants - Live at Homegrown 2016The Surfactants
Live at Homegrown 2016
Xero Music (May 11)
Available on Bandcamp

The Electric Witch - Live at Homegrown 2016The Electric Witch
Live at Homegrown 2016
Xero Music (May 13)
Available on Bandcamp

The Lowland Lakers - The Mississippi is Between Us NowThe Lowland Lakers
The Mississippi is Between Us Now
(May 13)
Available on thelowlandlakers.com

timmy-jacks-off-trying-to-describe-the-texture-of-the-momentTimmy Jacks Off
Trying to Describe the Texture of the Moment
(May 22)
Available on Bandcamp

bringing-it-all-back-to-duluth-does-dylanVarious Artists
Bringing it all Back to Duluth Does Dylan
(May 24)
Available at cdbaby.com

Dirty Knobs - HeliomoriDirty Knobs
Xero Music (June 2)
Available on thelowlandlakers.com

Bridget’s Cadillac
Baby Blue
(June 29)

Nat Harvie - Snow is a Gift to My FearNat Harvie
Snow is a Gift to My Fear
(July 1)
Available on Bandcamp

potluck-communits-love-and-cherish-everybodyThe Potluck Communists
Love and Cherish Everybody
(July 2)
Available on Bandcamp

Dirty Knobs - A Moment of NoiseDirty Knobs
A Moment of Noise
Xero Music (July 8)
Available on Bandcamp

Glitteratti - Sing it to the SkyGlitteratti
Sing it to the Sky
(July 8)

rob-nelson-arrivalRob Nelson
(July 15)
Available on Google Play

Mumblin Drew Liz Draper Kyle OllahMumblin’ Drew, Liz Draper and Kyle Ollah
June 8, 2016
(July 27)
Available on Bandcamp

fearless-moral-inventoryFearless Moral Inventory
Self titled
(Aug. 1)
Available on Bandcamp

tender-ness-blues-and-orangesTender Ness
Blues and Oranges
(Aug. 2)
Available on cdbaby.com

Gaelynn Lea _ The Songs We Sing Along the WayGaelynn Lea
The Songs We Sing Along the Way
(Aug. 15)

Average Mammals - Petrichor EPAverage Mammals
(Aug. 17)
Available on iTunes

Worth the Work
(Aug. 26)
Available on Bandcamp

the-little-black-books-the-dontsThe Little Black Books
The Don’ts EP
Shaky Ray Records / Chaperone Records (Sept.)

Aimee Tischer - The Darling CollectionAimee Tischer
The Darling Collection
Sept. 2
Available on CD Baby

The Dark Underbelly - self titledThe Dark Underbelly
Self titled
Sept. 2
Available on Amazon

Kristy Marie - Birdiecrat Join the RevolutionKristy Marie
Birdiecrat. Join the Revolution
(Sept. 21)
Available on Bandcamp

Guac n' Roll - Paper ParlorPaper Parlor
Guac n’ Roll: A Live EP
(Sept. 30)
Available on Bandcamp

timbre-ghost-the-ledgerTimbre Ghost
The Ledger
(Oct. 1)
Available on Bandcamp

timmy-jacks-off-melange-of-self-perceptionTimmy Jacks Off
Melange of Self Perception
(Oct. 1)
Available on Bandcamp

Actual Wolf - ItascaActual Wolf
Itasca – B Sides
(Oct. 7)
Available on Bandcamp

rich-mattson-and-the-northstars-starmapsRich Mattson and the Northstars
(Nov. 4)
Available on CD Baby

gaelynn-lea-deapest-darkest-brightest-dawn-2016-album-artGaelynn Lea
Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn
(Nov. 11)
Available on myshopify.com

a-christmas-by-the-lake-volume-xVarious Artists
A Christmas by the Lake, Volume X
Lundeen Productions (Nov. 16)

Secret Badass
Waiting for the Cops to Come
(Nov. 18)
Available on Bandcamp

Lorenzo's Tractor - Shut Up and Fuck Bandcamp Vol 6Lorenzo’s Tractor
Shut Up and Fuck Bandcamp Vol 6
(Nov. 18)
Available on Bandcamp

Morrow - One False TruthMorrow
One False Truth
(Nov. 19)

Some Hearts at Christmas Time (single)
(Dec. 1)
Available on Bandcamp

the-anatomy-of-two-wanderersThe Anatomy of …
Two Wanderers
(Nov. 29)
Available on Bandcamp

sarah-krueger-northern-airSarah Krueger
Northern Air
(Dec. 4)
Available on Bandcamp

monster-mob-return-of-the-creatureMonster Mob
Return of the Creature
(Dec. 4)
Available on Bandcamp

emily-haavikEmily Haavik
You Were the City
(Dec. 11)

The Dark Underbelly - Evil LiveThe Dark Underbelly
Evil Live
(Dec. 22)
Available on Bandcamp

Ian Alexy
Consider it Correspondence (Dec. 16)
Available on consideritcorrespondence.com



about 7 years ago

Released sometime after March 16, 2016... available at http://tim-kaiser.org


about 7 years ago

This is missing quite a few albums.

Off top of my head, there's:
Lorenzo's Tractor SUAF Bandcamp Vol 6: http://music.lorenzostractor.com/album/shut-up-and-fuck-bandcamp-vol-6
Gutt Rott:  https://guttrott.bandcamp.com/album/gutt-rott-clown-drowner-split
And most of the Poop Tapes catalog:  https://pooptapes.bandcamp.com/

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

I've added what's mentioned in the comments now, except the Poop Tapes, because I haven't figured out how to treat 15 singles and a "never ending album." But I'll figure it out. Thanks for the tips.

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