Price Check: Oil Change

oil changeThe light on the dashboard catches your eye. Add an oil change to your list of mundane, human deeds to complete in the near future: file taxes, buy milk and diapers, DMV to renew tabs, post office for stamps, gas, and now, an oil change.

Here lies the start to a new series where we compare prices on basic, practical products and services around Duluth and Superior. First off, oil changes.

The prices below reflect the rate the establishment charges with tax included. Wisconsin and Douglas County sales tax total 5.5%. Minnesota and Duluth sales tax total 7.875%.


Jiffy Lube | 115 E. Central Entrance, Duluth | 218-722-2008
(“Ask for Ellen and you will get $5 off!”)


Auto Ace Express Lube | 1506 Kenwood Ave., Duluth | 218-728-1453


Lube Pros | 4157 Haines Road, Hermantown | 218-727-5823


Valvoline | 4431 Trinity Road, Duluth | 218-723-8462


Valvoline | 3925 Tower Ave, Superior | 715-399-0451


Alignment Brake Center | 1201 Banks Ave., Superior | 715-392-3050


Bob’s South Tower Service | 6028 Tower Ave, Superior | 715-394-6693
(The man on the phone had a sense of humor. His initial quote, without hesitation, was “a million plus a tip.”)


Tires Plus Total Car Care | 621 W Central Entrance, Duluth | 218-409-8834
(But there’s a deal: “$19.99 if you just mention the coupon. We’ve been running the deal for a while.” Total price with coupon: $21.56)


Allouez Auto Repair Inc. | 4003 E. Second St., Superior | 715-398-6631


Auto Pros | 513 22nd Ave. E., Superior | 715-392-6764


Walmart Tire & Lube Express | 3705 Tower Ave, Superior | 715-392-4108


Bill’s Muffler and Brake Center | 2228 W Michigan St., Duluth | 218-461-3829



about 8 years ago

London Road Car Wash with basic wash - $37.25


about 8 years ago

On I-35 between east and west Duluth there is a sign saying the Kia dealership does 19.95 oil changes.  I think they want you to look at the shiny new Kias while you wait. It is advertised on the Kia of Duluth website.

I have no affiliation with Kia.


about 8 years ago

If you keep an eye on Duluth Dodge (and I think the offer can be used at any Dodge dealership), they offer service contract oil changes -- it was $65 for either 5 or 6 oil changes, plus they have a dealership oil change punch card that gets you an additional oil change for free. It came out to a pretty cheap per-change cost, but more up front and you can get the changes at any dealership.

Not sure if it's specific to Mopar vehicles or not, but definitely a good deal if you have a Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ram.


about 8 years ago

I purchase oil change packages from Superior Chrysler -- I believe the average cost per change ends up being just south of $20. I can't remember exactly, but 5 for $80 sounds about right, but it could be 4 for $80. The only issue is that they aren't a "quick change" location, so even with an appointment, it might take a little while. Best case scenario, drop car off for oil change, go to Thirsty Pagan and indulge, return to dealership and pick up car.


about 8 years ago

Purchased a new car from Sonju a year and a half ago. Car came with a year's worth of free oil changes. At first interval, I made an appointment online. Received 4 email confirmations, 2 text messages and 2 automated voice calls. When I arrived for my appointment it took them 4 hours to complete. When I was ready to leave, they rang me up for $40 some dollars. When I reminded them of my year's worth of free oil changes, the sales person was having difficulty voiding the sale. I asked for my keys so I could leave and they were genuinely reluctant to let me go until they figured out how to fix their data error. Needless to say, I have never gone back. I usually go to whichever quick change place has the current best deal.


about 8 years ago

How 'bout synthetic oil changes?  I run my 08 Yaris on synthetic only. Price is quite a bit steeper, but with a much longer duration between changes.

I hit up Auto Ace Express Lube on Kenwood; usually in the $80 ballpark.

Special K

about 8 years ago

Synthetic for my Outback cost me $65 at Firestone by the mall.  Can't remember if I had a coupon last time though.

Drab T-Shirt

about 8 years ago

I had my oil changed at Duluth Dodge for $29.73 (with coupon) about a month ago.  They told me I had a leaking power steering hose and an oil leak.  Took it to Auto Medics several days later and they couldn't find anything wrong.

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