Where in Duluth? Bathroom Edition

Men's room signIMG_2619

How many of these five Duluth establishments can you identify just from their restroom signs? Hint:  all but one are from restaurants or bars. Click the thumbnails for a closer view.







about 7 years ago

The top two are at Bent Paddle's taproom.


about 7 years ago

Is the fourth one down Black Water?

ms dean

about 7 years ago

Bent Paddle is correct,  Moosetracks!
Fitz, none of them are from Black Water.

Paul Lundgren

about 7 years ago

Lest Ms. Dean be accused of tricky, I'll note the last one is not technically in Duluth. It's a few miles outside of Duluth in the Rice Lake Township.


about 7 years ago

The fifth one down must be Billy's, and I feel like the third down is the Reef.


about 7 years ago

Third one down:  Rustic.

ms dean

about 7 years ago

Yes, the fifth is Billy's.

The third is the Rustic.

Two is the one that's not a bar or restaurant. Winter outdoor enthusiasts would be most likely to get it.
Four is one of Duluth's newer establishments.

Special K

about 7 years ago

I'll guess Snowflake for the 2nd and Tavern on he Hill for the 4th.

ms dean

about 7 years ago

You are correct, Special K!

So, to recap: 

1) Bent Paddle Brewery
2) Snowflake Nordic Ski Center
3) The Rustic
4) Tavern on the Hill
5) Billy's

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