Northern Waters Smokehaus will open Woodland Avenue location

Northern Waters Smokehaus announced today a second location will open in the Mount Royal Shopping Center in Duluth’s Chester Park – UMD neighborhood, near the UMD campus. The space at 1608 Woodland Ave. was previously occupied by Bixby’s Café, which operated there from 1997 to the end of 2014.

northern waters smokehaus crew
Smokehaus announcement

Founded in 1998, Northern Waters specializes in smoked fish. Its tiny shop in the DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace has won numerous awards over the years, including PDD’s Perfect Lunch Restaurant. The new location at Mount Royal is expected to open in the fall.



about 9 years ago

Thank goodness.  Finally, a decent store will open in that area.

Lately only two kinds of stores have opened there: low quality corporate chains and medical/dental facilities.  It was sad to see the new botox joint... I mean, dermatology clinic... open up next to Mt Royal not long ago.  That is the third medical/dental place that opened there recently.  I guess the idle rich in east Duluth don't want to drive the extra 5 minutes toward downtown to get their lip injections anymore. 

And don't get me started about the places in Bluestone.  Tragic!

A good locally owned eatery that sells quality food is just what the doctor ordered!

Dave P

about 9 years ago

This is truly one the most exciting Duluth eatery announcements I've heard in a long time—maybe ever. Northern Waters is a local jewel; what Eric does with meat, fish, and creative sandwich combos is off the charts tasty. Sorry Jimmy John's, the Pastrami Mommy—now that's a sandwich! I may never eat lunch at home again!


about 9 years ago

Hate those rich East people with their botoxing and teeth bleaching and ass waxing up there in fancy Mount Royal. Now they get the Cajun Finn! Too bad it's a free country...


about 9 years ago

OMG, I forgot there actually is ass waxing done at Bluestone.  Wow.  Just wow.

Now I am even more grateful for the Cajun Finn coming to that area.

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