Duluth ranks among “Best College Towns to Live in Forever”

College Ranker has sorted the nation’s college towns based on how “things like community, neighborhoods, schools” and other aspects create a place that is “attractive in retaining students who graduate from local colleges.” Duluth came in at #22. For some reason, UMD is the only one of the handful of colleges in the area that receives a mention in the text.

22 - Duluth MN


Richard K

about 9 years ago

Great to see high praise for our area, once again. I recently had some friends from California and Georgia in town, and they absolutely loved the area...sans the cold. This article reinforces many of the reasons they enjoyed it here.

I noticed a few problems with the first sentence of this write-up: should be "one of the largest lakes," and secondly, why belittle the fact that it's one of the largest lakes in the world ... not just the country?


about 9 years ago

Meaninglessness of these lists aside, let alone the mind-numbing boredom that surely inspires their propagation, one cannot help but be fatigued by the cock-sure apathy of those who make them.  Simply count the errors in this sentence:

"Collins Colorado has the fourth largest popular in the state, behind Aurora, Colorado Springs, and of course Denver. Fort collins has a history."

Perhaps then noticing the dribble on their bibble,  it's as though merely writing the word 'popular' caused the author to trail off in a daydream about all the things they'd rather be doing than making a countdown list of homogenized college towns, USA.  Or maybe the horror of realizing they don't dream of anything greater than compiling town lists.


about 9 years ago

"Largest" lake could mean largest by many criteria: surface area, volume, depth.  "Lake" could refer to freshwater lake or saltwater sea.  Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area.  

The saltwater Caspian Sea is larger, but some do not consider it a lake (some argue it is not a lake at all but the smallest full-fledged sea).  If the Caspian Sea is not a lake, then Lake Superior is the largest lake on earth by surface area.


about 9 years ago

A great place to live, if you can make a living.


about 5 years ago

This must be a joke. I have two degrees, none from Duluth, although I am from the area. There are very few jobs here ... so like SWAN says, "if you can make a living."   

Good luck. I have been trying to escape for 20 years and even with an MBA, I cannot make enough money to move away.

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