“I thought I got this at a wrestling convention in Duluth”

The Duluth reference here is likely intended to be Duluth, Ga., since the Chris Stevens character on Northern Exposure is a native of Wheeling, W.Va., and any wrestling convention he attended would probably have been during his years at Wheeling Central Catholic High School. (Assuming “convention” means “tournament” — it could also mean a gathering of popular wrestlers signing autographs or some other thing.) The distance from Wheeling is great in either direction, however — 650 miles to Duluth, Ga., and 950 miles to Duluth, Minn.


zizzer t

about 8 years ago

Is it possible that it a nod to Minnesota Duluth since one of the producers of the show, Martin Bruestle, is from Bemidji?


about 8 years ago

Worth noting too that John Falsey (one of the creators of the show) attended the Iowa Writers Workshop, so was pretty regional


about 8 years ago

How in christ do you guys go that deep on your useless Northern Exposure trivia?  No shame either.

Is Jess Lange's ref to Duluth in Postman Always Rings Twice on the master list?  Really it comes up all the time though, I've lost track, must be high on Hollywood's chart of bumble-fuck nowhere places to reference which needs to be updated now that the Zenith City is moving up in the world.

zizzer t

about 8 years ago

I ran into his mother a few times when I lived in Bemidji.  She was extremely proud of her son.  This is the only reason I would ever know this.


about 8 years ago

What episode is that? I have recently rediscovered NE due to some oddball on Facebook who started a Facebook page with quotes... and I did like the page (ahem).

Paul Lundgren

about 8 years ago

Episode #67 (season 5, episode 4)	
"Altered Egos"	
Directed by John Coles	
Written by Jeff Melvoin	
Aired Oct. 11, 1993

Synopsis: Obsession reaches new heights when Chris is dismayed that his ex-lover can't find any difference between him and Bernard in bed. Joel worries about losing his New York "edge." Marilyn snoops through the medical files to find her perfect man.

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