Wonderful Duluth: Photos of the 1972 Flood, Part Four










about 9 years ago

I love how they called the "Duluth Deluge of 2012" (as I call it) a once in every 100 year flood...


about 9 years ago

I think scientists were actually calling it the 500-year flood....but technically you *could* have a 100 year flood happen two years in a row. Take my environmental geology class, we cover that!


about 9 years ago

The photo of Lincoln Park was eerily similar to how it looked in June of 2012 near the pavilion/playground area. You could hear the rocks/boulders as they were being washed down Miller Creek and the rooster tail just below the pavilion area and above 3rd St.  was amazing! 

I do wonder about the caption - seems like the park ends at Third St. Though the creek proceeds another half block before disappearing underground. Was it different in the 70's? The houses between 3rd and 1st seem pretty old. 

Paul  thanks for posting all of these photos. It has been fun picking up the buildings that still stand and noting the areas that have changed, sometimes quite drastically, since 1972.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

I wondered about that, too, Wildknits. That photo couldn't have been shot from First Street. It looks like it was shot on a bridge upstream from Third Street.

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